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Joint Cooperation

June, 2021

Genre: Urban Fantasy

This short story is a Chad & Monty story. It gives us a little information on how the men are handling things while Liz is being held by The Master in Death Comes to Us All.

Things have never been smooth between these two, and this story is no different. Fights break out, words are exchanged, but in the end can they work together to bring Liz home?


Sorrow Meets Death

June, 2017

Genre: Urban Fantasy

This short story is a bridge between the Liz Baker series and the Penny Montague series. To be read after Devastating Sorrow.

Liz is a small town bar owner who doesn't know much about the supernatural creatures outside the ones who keep coming to her own town.

Penny is an immortal witch who sensed something interesting the last time she was in this small Georgia town.

What happens when these two meet each other for the first time? Trouble, of course.


Out of Print

Dark Promises: A Novella

ISBN: 978-1-257-63720-1

May, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Available in: eBook Only

Dark Promises: Promises made behind closed doors; sinister; dangerous deals made after dark.

Sabrina is in love with her boyfriend Joshua. She knew he was the one the moment she heard those three little words: I'm a vampire. Now, after five happy years together, Sabrina wants a commitment. No, not marriage—though she wouldn't mind that. No, Sabrina wants Joshua to turn her. She wants to have forever with the man she loves.

Joshua on the other hand, though he's deeply, madly in love with Sabrina, is afraid to inflict such pain on his beloved. With a past he doesn't want to remember and a brother he can't stand, he's simply worried about thrusting Sabrina into the life of a vampire. Specifically his murder-filled life.

Reviews for Dark Promises:

5/6/2011 -- "I was intrigued from the moment I opened this read until the time I read the last sentence. Yes, it is 'steamy' without a doubt...but the story that the character's affection is wrapped around is one that will have you gripping the edge of a very creative tale of spine chilling suspense that leads to twist that you will never see coming. That is the type of read that makes it to the 5 star ratings! Ms. Silvers has done it again! " -- Author Robin Renee Ray

6/13/2011 -- "So, there is only one word for Dark Promises and that is HOT! The first thing I need to say is that it is absolutely not for young adults, it is erotica. I don’t normally read erotica because a lot of what you find doesn’t have a good story line, but Dark Promises has a super story line that keeps the reader intrigued." -- Jennifer Wright, Storytime Book Reviews

Death Reflected


Liz Baker's elderly neighbor has always been there to watch over her. She picks up the mail and feeds the cat when Liz is out of town. She calls to check on Liz and brings over chicken soup when she's sick. But MaryAnne Patterson has secrets of her own. Secrets no one knew. . .no one other than her dead husband.

When Liz goes next door to pick up her cat after a trip, she finds out more about her beloved neighbor than she ever imagined possible.

*NOTE: To be read after Killer Intentions (book 3) *

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