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* The Alex & Fiona series is currently out of print. Newly updated and polished versions will be releasing in 2025. *

Alex & Fiona Forever

ISBN: 978-1-257-92375-5

August, 2011

In Alex & Fiona Forever you'll get all three stories in one hardcover book, complete with beautiful dust jacket. Or grab your copy as an eBook and forget about three different files taking up space on your eReader.

A Midnight Infatuation
A Birth at Dawn
A Twilight Abduction

A Midnight Infatuation

ISBN: 978-0-557-01593-1

October, 2007, 1st edition
October, 2008, 2nd edition

Alexander is a 150 year old vampire with a lust for blood. But, the blood isn't all that he enjoys. He thoroughly delights in the act of taking blood from an unwilling victim. The ear-piercing screams are like music to his undead ears. That is, until he met HER!

Fiona is a 30 year old werewolf. She's just like any other modern-day woman that you would meet in the teller line at your local bank. She has to deal with her annoying family, numerous failed relationships--including one where she found her boyfriend in bed with HIS boyfriend--and pressure to marry from everyone around her.

Alex becomes instantly infatuated with the lovely Fiona and is very intrigued by the unusual scent that emanates from her. His infatuation becomes very useful when Fiona's pack decides to instigate their "Fight or Wed" law; which in turn leaves Fiona lying on a forest floor bleeding profusely. Alex is forced to do what vampires do... turn her!

With Fiona's pack hot on their trail, what will become of this unusual pair? Will they be able to avoid Fiona's pack of vicious revenge-seeking werewolves? Will Fiona be able to look past Alex's undead demeanor?

A Birth at Dawn

ISBN: 978-0-615-20458-1

April, 2008

The big day is fast approaching. All of the arrangements have been made, the cake and flowers have been ordered and the invitations have been mailed. The only thing left to do is to find the perfect dress. But once that's done, Fiona feels like someone is watching her. Who could it be? The wolf pack wouldn't dare try anything again.

Once the big day arrives, both she and Alex have the feeling that a terrible storm is coming... and fast! All they want to do is make it through their wedding day with no interruptions. Unfortunately, there is a familiar scent in the air during the ceremony. A scent that they both hoped they wouldn't detect for a very long while.

When Fiona's honeymoon is interrupted because of a vanishing groom. With nothing but a broken lamp and a drop of blood left behind for clues, she must find out what happened and rescue her beloved from an undesirable fate.

What will happen to Alex? Will Fiona get to him in time? And what about Isabella?

A Twilight Abduction

ISBN: 978-0-557-01080-6

September, 2008

Since day one, loving a vampire hasn't been an easy task. Life with Alex has been as much of a difficulty as it has been an adventure. With the wedding and the birth of their daughter, Fiona dreams of living a peaceful family life with the love of her life. But when they are attacked and abducted one evening, everything changes.

Lilith, the vampire queen, is sick of hearing her "children" dreaming of becoming mortal. So she abducts Alex & Fiona's child for testing and dissection in order to discover a way to prevent other vampires from returning to their mortal state. Luckily, baby Isabella has a few tricks up her own sleeve and paves the way for her parents to escape the clutches of Lilith. But, for how long?

Fiona escapes with her life, husband, and child to the home of her Aunt Belle. Here Fiona finds out more than she ever knew about her Aunt Belle, as well as the fact that she, herself, has been destined to fight an impending battle of doom and gloom that will determine the safety of her daughter, and the rest of the world.

With Alex on the mend and unable to help, how will Fiona battle evil and ensure that she lives to see another day to watch her child grow into a powerful witch.

Winner of The New Covey Cover Awards
January 2009 Most Eye-Catching Cover

Zindy S. D. Nielsen

Cover Artist for the individual Alex & Fiona series books

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