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Format: eBook

Ruled by Death


ISBN: 979-8-75-830020-6
1st Edition, December 7, 2021


Can't I just crawl into bed and hide under the covers until it's all over? According to Morgan, the magical community is concerned about my ability to destroy The Master. Little do they know I'm just as concerned.


Four days after arriving home from her abduction, Liz and the team discover The Master is on the move. He's headed their direction to retrieve his One True Mistress, and they have only days to prepare to battle a creature who has survived for over 1,000 years.


This will take every trick they've learned, and some they've yet to be taught, but will they succeed without the final two members of the coven? Who will be next? How do they find the holders of Water and Wind?


Even with all that going on, Liz is dealing with the stress and tensions between her fiancé, Chad, and werewolf, Monty. Both want her affection, but how can she choose between them when she loves them both? The next few days will not only be a test of her strengths but also her weaknesses in love and supernatural powers.

Format: Autographed Paperback
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