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Eternally Deadly


ISBN: 979-8-75-830020-6
1st Edition, April 5, 2022


The end is near. Will it be the end of The Master, or the destruction of humanity?


Liz is having a difficult time dealing with everything that's happened over the last few years, but nothing more than the death of one of her friends. The last battle with The Master hadn't gone as planned. Lost friends, lost lives, her hopes for the world dashed, leaving her in a depressive state.


Sure, there were good things, too. She was now married to the two men she loved with her entire being. They soothed her aching soul in a way no one ever could before. But was that enough to make it through what was to come?


The calming lull in baddies doesn't allow anyone to forget The Master is hiding somewhere while he surely plots the demise of Liz and her family. Monty has his team scoping the globe in search of their biggest enemy. Chad doesn't skimp on his interrogations of The Master's right-hand man, James. Everyone is honing their skills in anticipation of the impending battle. However, the big question is: what will they do when they actually find him?


Eternally Deadly is the tenth, and final, book in the urban fantasy Liz Baker series set in the mountains of north Georgia. Liz is a strong leading woman with all the fears, doubts, and tears that come along with making life-changing decisions for herself and others. The series is a fast-paced adventure filled with creatures from all walks of life, bringing despair, and sometimes enjoyment, to our leading lady.

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