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Format: Autographed Paperback
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Time for Death


ISBN: 979-8-47-456024-3

3rd Edition, September 2021
2nd Edition, January 2012
1st Edition, March 2010


Vampires are real, and she's been promised to one by her non-existent biological father. Does she have one it takes to defeat a monster who has control of her mind, emotions, and desire?


Liz Baker, a small town bar owner in north Georgia, thought it would be a normal evening of sex in a cemetery with her longtime beau, Rick, until she spots someone in the distance. And then all normality in her world ceased to exist. After several murders in her small town of Tremmel Crossing, Liz comes to the realization that the murderer is coming after her, and he’s more dangerous than any human could possibly be.


Vampires are real! And she's one of them? Liz can't grasp the realization of her parentage, or the fact that her biological father—a man she's never met—offered her up to another vampire to claim as his own. It's only after the monster comes for her that she learns of her own unique powers.


However, the vampire sent to claim her has powers of his own, most importantly the power to control her mind, emotions, and desires. She wants him, needs him, her entire body aches for him. Against all that, she must fight back to save the lives of her friends and loved ones.


Only death will release her from Marcus’s powerful hold, but who will die first? Does she have the strength to do what has to be done?


Time for Death is the first book in this urban fantasy series set in the mountains of north Georgia. Liz is a strong leading woman with all the fears, doubts, and tears that come along with making life-changing decisions for herself and others. The series is a fast-paced adventure filled with creatures from all walks of life.

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