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Bound to a Devil


ISBN: 979-8-83-974266-6

1st Edition, September 27, 2022

When heaven kicks her out, a Devil must pick up the pieces.

Carina is a half-breed angel being educated in all manners of being a proper angel, yet nightmares of her own murder plague her dreams every time she closes her eyes. She does anything she can think of to cloud the dreams, and finally get some rest, including going to Earth and partaking in all the human drugs and alcohol to dull her senses.

When her leader discovers the treachery, he sends Carina with the yearly Angel Delegation to Hell, though she isn’t actually assigned to be one of the delegates. Instead, he’s condemned her to become the official concubine to Devon Devil, the middle son of THE DEVIL.

Devon Devil is a bachelor, enjoying the limitless rewards his last name carries. A different creature (or two) in his bed every night, and always gone the next morning. Drinking, drugs, carousing with his demons. What more could a single Devil ask for? He certainly doesn’t want a concubine mucking up his playtime and slowing him down. And now his father is shoving the family business down his throat too! He has two older brothers in line for the throne before him. Why should he worry about it now? And how can he get rid of that meek angel they’re trying to thrust upon him?

A war is coming, and it’s sooner than anyone thinks. A demon lord hasn’t bothered hiding his desires to hold the Devil’s throne. He’ll do everything in his power to take control, and that includes snatching Carina from Devon’s grasp. Only he knows she’s the daughter of the most powerful angel soldier in history. Unbeknownst to her, she holds more strength than she ever knew. Malvis wants to control that power, and he intends to use it to ensure victory over the Devil family.

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