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Ascending from Hell​


Kindle Paperback ISBN: 979-8-38-552782-3

eBook ISBN: 979-8-21-530603-1

1st Edition, August 22, 2023

Carina’s life is yet again thrown into chaos when she finds herself torn between her newfound love and the desperate need to protect her new family from her father’s deadly threats.


Just as she and Devon discover their love for one another, Carina is forced to sacrifice that love in order to keep her new family safe, as well as keep their hold over Hell out of her father’s clutches.


Malvis pushes her day after day to train with Maurice to lure her dormant powers to the surface. He wants her by his side as he takes over Earth. Without her, he’ll never succeed, so he holds the safety of the Devils over her head until she complies with his requests.


Carina doubts her very identity when she finds out her powers come with a physical manifestation of her demonic heritage. Does this mean she’s evil? Can angels have horns, or has everything she believed been a lie? And when her missing mother shows up, wanting Carina’s help with the impending battle, she discovers her angelic side isn’t much better than her demon side.


Meanwhile, Devon finds himself engulfed in self-pity and confusion. How could his new bride leave him? Why does his family stand idly by, failing to rescue her from the clutches of the sinister Malvis? Desperate to bring her home, Devon’s pain and urgency are met with disregard by his father.


But just as hope seems lost, Lucian reveals he’s had a plan all along, one that hinges on Devon taking action on his own. Devon’s frustration with his father’s constant tests push him to leave his parents behind as he hatches a plan of his own. He will bring Carina home, one way or another!


As Carina grapples with her identity and newfound powers, and as Devon confronts his own emotional turmoil, they must find a way to navigate a treacherous path, where love, loyalty, and the fight against darkness intertwine in a race against time with Heaven, Hell, and Earth hanging in the balance.

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