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Vampires are real, and she's been promised to one by her non-existent biological father. Does she have one it takes to defeat a monster who has control of her mind, emotions, and desire?


Liz Baker, a small town bar owner in north Georgia, thought it would be a normal evening of sex in a cemetery with her longtime beau, Rick, until she spots someone in the distance. And then all normality in her world ceased to exist. After several murders in her small town of Tremmel Crossing, Liz comes to the realization that the murderer is coming after her, and he’s more dangerous than any human could possibly be.

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Liz Baker, book 10

The 10th and final installment of the Liz Baker series is scheduled for release in Spring 2022.


Penny Montague, book 2

The next installment of the Penny series is scheduled for release in 2022.

Newest Book - Ruled by Death

December 7, 2021


Arriving home from captivity wasn't as smooth as Liz had hoped. There's a tension in the air. New people are running the basement command center. And all of her friends are in terrible moods. However, none of that matters right now. Their goal is to find a way to destroy The Master, and prevent his plans of destroying the world as we know it.

Release Date:

December 7, 2021

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