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Format: eBook

Format: Autographed Paperback
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Destroying Sorrow


ISBN Paperback: 979-8-37-576667-6

ISBN Ebook: 979-8-21-512987-6

1st Edition, April 18, 2023

Penny’s world has been turned upside down by the arrival of little Abby Newman. The little girl is more powerful than any witch her age could ever imagine. Even Penny isn’t nearly as powerful, though appears to be the perfect conduit for Abby’s powers so they don’t burn the child from the inside out every time she uses them.

Now that the entire world knows about the existence of immortals and witches, Penny has to find a way to protect her family from not only the backlash from humankind but also stay one step ahead of the growing fog the maniacal doctors have released on the world. The fog has the potential to create new immortals, or destroy anyone in its path without the genetic markers to sustain the change.

Devastation across the globe is being broadcast live to anyone who can receive it, and that’s when Penny sees someone far more dangerous than the doctors. Her goddess!

Something is wrong with the goddess. She’s changed... evil, even.

With death and destruction around every corner, how can they come out of this alive? Is it even possible? With Abby in hand, and her men standing behind her, Penny must bring humans and immortals back from the brink of extinction. Can she succeed, or will they will lose it all to the wrath of the goddess and the doctors’ scientific experiment?

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