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Format: eBook

Format: Autographed Paperback
$9.99 + shipping

Battling Sorrow


ISBN Paperback: 9798372127234

ISBN Ebook: 9798215991794

1st Edition, February 21, 2023

Immortality hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be for Penelope Montague. She’s suffered a loss no mother should ever have to experience, and though she begged for death to take her, life turned in another direction, bringing happiness once more. Unfortunately, life can’t always be sunshine and flowers, even for an immortal.


Penny’s work to bring witches into the light of immortals seems to move along smoothly, though not as quickly as she’d like, until videos fly around the internet of a little girl with extra special powers. The humans aren’t supposed to know about them, at least not yet, so the Elders’ Court sends Penny and her team to retrieve the child and her mother to hide her away for their own safety.


The Faction is hot on their tails, and Penny has to protect this child at all costs. Even if that means risking the lives of those she loves. Immortality and witchcraft don’t always work well together, especially when there are people in the world whose only joy is to torment and experiment on someone with powers, and the ability to heal repeatedly. She won’t let that happen to this child. There’s something special about her, and it’s more than just her powers.


Life will never be the same for any of them after meeting little Abby Newman.

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